WonderBra Billboard Causing Accidents?

WonderBra Billboard Causing Accidents?

A 3D advertisement by bra company Wonderbra, which features a well-enhanced woman’s cleavage, is being considered a road safety hazard, as it can be distracting for drivers.

WonderbraThe poster, which has been erected near London Waterloo station to promote the company’s new 28 pounds Full Effect brassiere, could cause accidents, warns the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

Wonderbra had caused a quite a stir when, 16 years ago, they revealed a poster of Czech model Eva Herzigova in a Wonderbra, gazing down at her breasts with the caption “Hello Boys”.

And even though the poster was voted No 10 in a ‘Poster of the Century’ contest, the picture of Herzigova’s pushed-up assets was blamed for dozens of road accidents.

Vince Yearley, a spokesman for IAM, said that the latest poster for Full Effect, ‘Wonderbra’s best cleavage enhancer to date’, which is 20ft wide and stars Brazilian model Sabraine Banado, could be more of a distraction.

“I remember that Herzigova picture very well – I was working at the Department for Transport at the time,” the Daily Mail quoted Yearley as saying.

“In many ways this latest one could be more dangerous, as it’s 3D.

“For those motorists who don’t happen to have 3D glasses in their car – and most don’t – then as the image is slightly blurred, it will cause you to want to focus on it even more.

“I think it will be a distraction for men and women on the road. And you just need to lose concentration briefly while on the road and an accident could happen,” he stated.

Road Safety Minister Mike Penning said that road safety was a top priority and the Highway Code is clear that safe driving needs concentration and motorists must be in proper control of their vehicle at all times.

A spokeswoman for The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents added that while there is no concern with the advert so far, they would however be interested in knowing if it has caused any road accidents.

“As an iconic lingerie brand the 3D billboard is the perfect way to launch the campaign for our new bra, it brings to life the product’s benefits in a bold and exciting way,” Julia Nolan from Wonderbra said of the ad campaign.

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