Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website

We are very excited to introduce our new Billboard Connection website. This site is designed to help business owners and agencies explore the myriad of Out-of-Home Advertising options available today.

OOH Advertising continues to be one of the fastest growing (but original) forms of business to consumer and B to B marketing. There are now over 100 forms of outdoor media that can be used for audience targeting and development of your brand or company’s personality. Billboard advertising continues to lead the way with new static and digital billboards and wallscapes being constructed daily. Bus Ads, Mobile Billboards, Full-Motion Digital Ad Screens and Interactive Street Media are other examples of outdoor media that can propel your brand and help you stand out from the crowd. Out-of-Home’s future growth are digital and interactive formats and they will take advantage of new audience measurement tools including EOI (Eye-on Impressions).

Our website was designed to provide a general overview of the constantly evolving Out-of-Home advertising landscape. Please explore our new website and contact us with any questions about the amazing Out-of-Home Advertising tools available to you and your business today.

Billboard Connection

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