Subway Advertising – lower cost and maximum effect

Subway Advertising – lower cost and maximum effect

Subway advertising puts your message right in front of your audience when and where they are in need of a distraction.  Target the hard-to-reach commuter audience including corporate decision makers and executives with high impact transit display ads.  Frequency of ridership means frequency of exposure to your ads during morning and evening rush hours.

Rail & Subway ads also influence a completely captive audience of students, household decision makers and tourists as they complete their daily activities, run errands and go out on the town ensuring that your ad is seen immediately before their activity or purchase.

About traditional exterior advertising

With today’s highly focused advertising demands, Exterior Advertising is one of the most effective and efficient ways to target your audience with an immediate visual impact.

Big, bold and colorful; always on and always visible, Exterior Advertisements generate repeated exposures all day, seven-days a week, reaching mass audiences with broad coverage and targeted market capabilities.

Exterior Advertising goes where the people go.  It reaches major educational institutions, financial centers, retail outlets and entertainment venues.

About traditional interior advertising

Interior Advertising is one of the most cost-effective mediums in the transit business.  These ads cover some of the most enticing segments of the commuter demographic.  Interiors are extremely effective for advertising to a captive, targeted audience.

About traditional in-station advertising

In-Station Advertising provides tremendous impact and frequency at high-profile locations.  This large, colorful media form draws
 the attention of daily commuters before they make their spending decisions.  This form of advertising offers unparalleled reach and frequency to some of the most intelligent, savvy and affluent consumers.  In-Station Advertising provides exceptional value and provides the perfect medium to communicate to a captive audience.

About specialty advertising

Specialty Rail & Subway Media provides tremendous impact and frequency at high-profile locations.  They reach both vehicular and pedestrian traffic on major arteries and at key choke points such as bridges, stadiums and airports throughout major metropolitan cities.


Demographic profile of Subway riders in a major US city (example: Boston, MA)


Male:                          51.9%

Female:                     48.1%


18 – 24                      21.4%

25 – 34                      18.1%

35 – 44                      22.2%

45 – 54                      17.2%

55 – 64                      11.8%

65+                             9.4%

HHI (000):

less than $25k         7.9%

$25k – $34.9             3.8%

$35k – $49k              12.7%

$50k – $74k              10.8%

$75k+                         64.8%

Occupation Summary:

Full-time (35+ hours)                                                   50.5%

Part-time (<35 hours)                                                   26.4%

Other/not employed/incl. students                           23.2%
















Subway Media options include many of the the following:

Platform Media

Platform Posters and Digital Platform Displays drive your message to potential customers with this highly visible medium, easily seen by pedestrians on all sides of the commuter rail and subway station platforms.

Interior Media

Frequency of ridership means frequency of exposure to your ads during morning and evening rush hours.  Reach a captive audience on their average 40 minute commute each way.  A great opportunity for advertisers to bring product information to the consumer.  A unique opportunity to “own” the entire interior space of a rail or subway car!  An innovative way to “sell” to a captive audience.

Station Domination

Station Domination enables a single advertiser to blanket the traditional media within a terminal, and to enhance the display with special sites strategically placed in high-traffic areas.  The result is a virtual exhibit that surrounds the consumer with multiple messages throughout their commute.  With so many sites in one high-profile station, these sponsorship venues are ideally suited to the advertiser to have an umbrella message accessible to all riders.

Wild Trains

These eye-catching trains run though the heart of the city, traveling into the city from suburban communities.  If you are looking for the impact of billboards and the frequency of commuter rail, Wild Trains make the connection!

Wrapped Exterior

Serving as a virtual canvas, Wrapped Exterior trains allow for creativity and drama which is sure to make a splash in the marketplace and create a lasting impression on the daily commuter.

Digital Dioramas

Digital Dioramas are approximately 60” high-definition screens that are strategically placed in major commuter hubs throughout subway and rail systems.  The interactive kiosks provide users with a variety of information creating a “built-in” audience.  With real time, flexible messaging opportunities (e.g. game highlights, breaking news), advertisers can create a variety of relevant and engaging out-of- home campaigns.



According to a recent Arbitron Out-of-Home Advertising Study, we are spending even more time out of home — more than 89% of U.S. residents aged 18 or older are exposed to Out-of-Home Advertising every day. Outdoor advertising reaches consumers 24/7 during their daily commute, on their lunch break and throughout shopping trips.  Out-of-home ads are often the last message a consumer receives before making a service or buying decision.

Today’s consumers are increasingly mobile — 70% of their waking hours are spent away from home and with out-of-home media in their cars, riding mass transit, on foot or at the point-of-sale.

Billboard Connection can help your company with everything you need for a successful Out-of-Home Advertising campaign.  Call us or email today for more information about Subway advertising or any other form of Outdoor Advertising Media – 866-6-HUGE ADS –

Check out this great video created by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America ( about the benefits of Out-of-Home Advertising:


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