Recruiting for high-quality employees using Billboard Advertising – a “winning” strategy

Recruiting for high-quality employees using Billboard Advertising – a “winning” strategy

Have you tried using Billboards to recruit high-quality employees?

Business owners and marketing professionals around the world are realizing the amazing benefits of billboard advertising to attract highly skilled candidates for entry to executive-level openings.

Billboard advertising is now the “hottest” and most effective tool in the toolbox for identifying top-notch candidates for your open positions.

In addition to reaching individuals actively searching for new career options, billboards reach “passive” candidates already employed who are not looking at online job boards or other digital media for openings. These are passive candidates you could be connecting with using static or digital billboards.

Americans are now spending more time in their cars than ever before and billboard ads continue to grow in popularity even though billboards are the “oldest” and “original” form of advertising.

Although the recruiting process has been streamlined with social media sites such as Linked-in, Instagram and Facebook, adding outdoor advertising to your recruiting strategy is highly effective.

Billboards help you get the word out about your openings and they help drive traffic to your company career page. When you need to boost your recruiting results, you need to go big with billboards. The alternative? Not reaching candidates who are in their vehicles thousands of hours each year.

Billboard Connection (of MA) will help you secure high-impact billboard locations at the lowest available rental rates. We can also help you design your billboard ad at no additional cost or for a very small fee. We work with more than 100 billboard owners around the US as well as more than 75 alternative forms of Out-of-Home Advertising Media.

For a free, no-obligation proposal for billboard advertising please submit the form available at this link below:

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