Puppolo speaks out about “Betrayed” billboard

Springfield, Massachusetts – Judas betrayed his friend, Benedict Arnold his country, and now a brightly lit billboard on I-91 in Springfield accuses State Representative Angelo Puppolo of betraying the sanctity of marriage.

“All three are examples of betrayal, so I think it was a clear, stark example of what Angelo Puppolo has done,” says Brian Brown, the Executive Director of the National Organization for Marriage

The New Jersey-base group paid for the billboard, as a response to Representative Puppolo’s vote this summer against a 2008 ballot question that would let voters define marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

“It was all about equality,” says Puppolo. “It was all about keeping discrimination out of the Massachusetts Constitution.”

Politics aside, the National Organization for Marriage, says Puppolo did more than betray marriage, he betrayed his voters.

“He campaigned strongly on the idea he would protect marriage and actually received money from people who believed he would protect marriage,” says Brown. “And when the vote came, he betrayed the voters. He betrayed the public trust.”

But Puppolo says he made no promises on either side of the gay marriage debate during his campaign.

“When I went door to door this is not what I talked about, when I went to the debates this is not what I talked about,” says Puppolo. “And I think that is going to show overwhelmingly at the end of the day.”

Puppolo isn’t the group’s only target. They say ten other Massachusetts legislators committed a similar betrayal, and they are currently deciding who else deserves to be featured on a billboard.

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