Bassin’ Aboard Billboards

Anywhere – Competitive fishing takes a page from nascar with floating ads MIKE ZLOTNICKI, Staff Writer What’s fast and floats and is read all over? A bass boat. The ubiquitous hot rod tool of the professional angler has taken on a new role for anglers and sponsors: floating billboard. Jeffrey Thomas of Broadway is sponsored by the usual suspects — fishing tackle manufacturers — but…

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Boy takes reins of his diabetes and joins in Joslin campaign

U.S. – Sam Murray, 8, appears on a Joslin Diabetes Center billboard on Albany Street, facing I-93. August 12, 2007 Sam Murray, an 8-year-old who lives in Savin Hill, agreed to let his face appear on billboards across Massachusetts for the noblest of reasons: educating people about diabetes and raising money for the Joslin Diabetes Center. “That,” he said, “and because I thought it would be…

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252 Ft. Gun Control Billboard Unveiled

Boston, MA – It looks like a ransom note, but it is not being sent by kidnappers. It is being promoted by the Patrick administration, the Boston Police Department, and the State Police, and delivered to drivers on the Massachusetts Turnpike courtesy of John Rosenthal, a provocative gun control activist from Newton. “We have your President and Congress,” declares the message in letters that look as…

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Digital Billboards are the Future of Outdoor Advertising

Anywhere – Advertising, Business, Marketing Outdoor advertising has gone a step further into the digital age. Large LED billboards are popping up in hot markets and are proving to be quite the success. In fact, many prefer digital outdoor advertising because of its large impact and efficient pricing. Look out for these bright LED billboards as they set the tone for outdoor advertising. A greater number…

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Billboard owners seek to go digital

Massachusetts – The signs are everywhere, especially along Interstate 290 and in and around Worcester. And if billboard companies in the state have their way, those signs may soon be digital. Representatives from the billboard industry are hoping to persuade the Massachusetts Outdoor Advertising Board (OAB) to allow the digital signs along the state’s highways by the end of the summer. The latest in technology, digital…

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