Ask BC

What are the steps to placing an advertisement on a billboard?

The first step is to contact us. Let us know the general area where you would like to have a billboard and the time period that you might like to advertise and we will locate available billboard inventory and present you with a proposal. We will send you a list of available locations with the 4-week lease rates, photos and impressions information and costs to produce and install the artwork on the billboard.

How long do we rent the billboard for?

Billboards are typically rented (leased) in four-week periods (13 four-week lease periods per year). A four-week lease is the minimum term (except for digital billboards that are available in shorter terms).

I have seen a variety of different types of billboards in the past. What type of billboards are available for us to rent?

Static Billboards are the industry standard offering one stationary image per board. Static billboards use printed artwork on heavy-duty vinyl and are set up by professional billboard installers. Digital Billboards (or electronic billboards) have up to eight advertisers per billboard sharing the ad space. The digital ads rotate every 10 seconds 24-hours daily and artwork can be uploaded on-line and posted to the billboard in a matter of minutes. Unlike static billboards, artwork can be changed on Digital billboards anytime during the lease term at no additional cost. Other billboard types include tri-vision billboards (three advertisers on 10-second rotating panels) and Wallscapes (large mesh-type vinyl’s installed on the sides of buildings).

How Much Does Outdoor Advertising Cost?

We work with budgets of all sizes and the advertising rates vary depending on location, the total number of units leased and the length of the agreement. In very general terms, the minimum budget for an effective Outdoor Advertising Campaign is typically $5,000 or greater. Rates for billboards in most major US cities can range from $1,000 per four weeks to as high as $50,000 per four weeks. Discounted rates are often available for longer term and multiple-unit contracts.

Who will design and print my ad?

Most of our clients create their own artwork for the Outdoor Display but if needed we can help design your ad at no charge or for a very small fee. For printing, we work with some of the best Large Format Printers in the industry to ensure that your outdoor advertisement will generate the type of “buzz” and results you are hoping for.

What other types of Outdoor Advertising do you offer?

We have more than 50 different types of Out-of-Home Advertising options including billboards, digital outdoor, bus, subway and taxi media, mall ads, stadium ads, street media, etc. We can help you locate and secure any type of Out-of-Home advertising media that you may be interested in. Once you have determined the type of advertising that will work best for your ad campaign, we will present you with a proposal including rates, production information and the features and benefits of using this type of advertising.

Who uses Outdoor Advertising?

National and regional companies use Outdoor Advertising as well as local business owners. Companies use Out-of-Home advertising to increase sales, build brand identity, launch new products and build customer loyalty.

Why is Out-of-Home Advertising effective?

Out-of home advertising is the second fastest growing advertising medium today trailing only on-line advertising. It influences your customers when they are mobile and most likely to make a decision to buy. The presence of outdoor advertising continually reaches consumers where they live, work, shop and play. Consumers today are avoiding television and radio advertising messages by using digital video recorders and satellite radio. Newspaper circulation has experienced a steady decline for the past 10 years as more and more consumers are reading news on-line. Outdoor advertising can't be turned off, thrown out or ignored; it's Big, Bold and Colorful and is one the most cost efficient and effective forms of advertising today.

Is there a way to know how many people actually read our ad?

Yes. Most billboards (and some other OOH media types) have been audited by the Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) and offer details such as weekly EOI (Eyes-on Impressions). Many of the outdoor media options have audience measurement data available including socio-economic level, gender, and other demographic information.

What is a “directional” ad?

A directional ad is one that advises consumers of their proximity to your place of business. These ads can include phrases such as ".5 miles ahead on the left", or "make a right on Main Street". Directional messages are used heavily by hotels, restaurants, and retail advertisers and are especially useful for businesses that may be a bit "off the beaten path".

How do I select an outdoor program that would work for my business?

We have Specialists to help you through the entire process. We listen to your needs and your objectives and can tailor a program unique and specific to your goals.