Antibullying Billboard Campaign in Massachusetts

Antibullying Billboard Campaign in Massachusetts

Antibullying Billboard CampaignA billboard company is stepping up to donate space for an antibullying ad campaign on more than 100 billboards on roads across Massachusetts.

Boston Clear Channel Outdoor has given the space to the Anti-Defamation League’s “Take a Stand Against Bullying” campaign.

“Bullying is a serious problem that demands vigilance,” Derrek L. Shulman, New England regional director for the ADL said in a statement. “We now have one of the nation’s strongest anti-bullying laws, but it will be effective only if all members of school communities abide by it.” He thanked the company for donating the space.

Each billboard will ask motorists to take a stand against bullying by signing the ADL’s pledge against bullying and visiting the ADL website. The ADL New England was one of the driving forces behind the passage of the current antibullying law in Massachusetts.

“School bullying simply should not be tolerated, and we are proud of ADL’s work in support of the antibullying law,” Stephen Ross, president of the Boston division of Clear Channel Outdoor, said in a statement. “And (we) are hopeful this campaign will raise awareness and help more kids enjoy their school years free from bullying.”

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