Advertising in Shopping Malls – Why it Makes Sense

Advertising in Shopping Malls – Why it Makes Sense

Advertising in shopping malls is a staple in the out-of-home advertising portfolio. Reaching the consumer as they are in the mindset to purchase is a great way to get your message to a relaxed audience in an upbeat frame of mind.

Mall advertisements provide a wide array of options that allow businesses to not only communicate their message, but helps reach their target market in a bold, and interactive manner.  Whether it’s brand awareness or directing your customers on the path to purchase, mall media can help you strengthen the story when consumers have a positive mindset and are receptive to new ideas.

Mall advertising has unique advantages in terms of reaching your target audience, making meaningful connections, and increasing sales.  Much like commercial television, radio or the internet, malls draw mass audiences to a common point where brands can efficiently communicate their message; but that is where most similarities end.  Unlike television or radio, the mall is a point-of-purchase advertising vehicle where consumers can be carried on a wave of interest or enthusiasm generated by the brand message and convert it immediately into a buying event.


One of the leading Mall Media companies (Eye Media) commissioned Arbitron to conduct a study that examines the demographics, behaviors and attitudes of over 1,000 U.S. adult shoppers in over half a dozen shopping malls across America. Arbitron carried out this study to help advertisers understand who these people are and what motivates them.

Key shopper segments that emerged:

Mall Advertising BannerMall Advertising BannerThe Carefree Spender

“I bought what I wanted in the mall today regardless of cost.”

  • Tends to be age 18-24
  • Segment least affected by the economy
  • Spends around $500 each month at shopping malls

The Power Shopper

“I buy for myself and my family – I spend over $251 per mall visit”

  • Tends to be female and 25-44 years old
  • More likely to have children in the household
  • Visits 5 stores per mall trip and spends over $9,000 per year at shopping malls

The Value Shopper

“I buy what I want at the mall, even if it is a stretch, for a good reason such as a sale”

  • Nearly three-quarters are female
  • Twice as likely to buy items on sale
  • Spends 25% more than the average shopper as they are triggered to spend more when they see good value

The Male Shopper

“I am a goal-oriented shopper who notices Mall Advertising”

Sky Banner - 2

Although online shopping makes accessing your favorite store easier, studies have shown that shoppers want more of the retail experience. The idea of being able to walk into a store and buy a product that you can try or use the same day is not only appealing, but convenient.  Consumers enjoy visiting the mall for many different reasons, whether it’s to hangout with friends at the food court or date night at the movies – these are things you won’t find online.

Shopping Malls offers a wide diversity of advertising options including Backlit Directories, Hanging Banners, Escalator Wraps, Table-top Food Court Ads and Digital Media.  Interactive Mobile Solutions are also being offered at most of the major US Malls.  Mobile solutions extend your message into consumers hands to engage new potential customers and create a meaningful and measurable conversation.

The main benefits of advertising in Shopping Malls include the following:

  • Positioned at eye level, each display provides excellent site lines for maximum visibility and awareness
  • Comprehensive inventory coverage generates high overall reach and virtually 100% coverage of all mall shoppers
  • Key, high traffic locations ensure repeated exposures to consumers while they shop, increasing overall frequency
  • Backlighting creates drama and enhances the visibility of each ad, improving awareness
  • National – comprehensive audience coverage that develops reach and frequency quickly
  • Regional – highly flexible coverage, both demographically and geographically
  • Local – reaches large number of potential buyers in your trading area quickly and cost effectively


The holiday season is here now and malls are full of willing and ready buyers.  Please contact us today if you would like to learn more about Mall Advertising solutions for your business.









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