About Billboard Connection

Thanks to our industry knowledge, we know where to find the best advertising opportunities for our clients. Just as importantly, we know how to help you take advantage of those opportunities quickly and easily.

The secret to our success is our focus. We are not an outdoor company that owns media space that we need to sell, nor are we an advertising agency that creates TV, radio or magazine ads. We are solely outdoor advertising specialists with one vested interest: getting your message out where you want it, when you want it and to whom you are targeting, all at the best possible prices. From billboards to poster showings, malls, transit, taxi tops, airport displays, movie theaters or one of the many other forms of outdoor advertising, your message will be delivered to the largest number of consumers with the lowest CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Billboard Connection offers a full range of services including graphic design, printing & installation, location and traffic count analysis, and account management.

Billboard Connection currently services clients throughout the entire US and internationally. Utilizing our network of 40 office locations throughout the US and Canada, we have the ability to provide outdoor advertising solutions for local, regional, national and international ad campaigns.