Boston Taxi Top and Bus Ads

Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising offers stand-alone messages, targeting pedestrians such as businesspeople, tourists and the convention trade. Each taxi generates 5,071 daily impressions, resulting in a low CPM (cost per thousand impressions). With 1700 Boston area Taxi Tops, taxi media dominates Metro Boston offering a high level of visibility and coverage in downtown and greater Boston.


The Advantages of Taxi Advertising

  • Taxis only go where people are so they are in different parts of the city at different times of the day. As an example, taxis may only go to the Financial District during the day, in neighborhoods during drive times, in the theatre district at 7pm and at the club scene later at night.
  • Taxis can help build a brand or drive foot traffic.
  • You can advertise on small or larger numbers of vehicles to choose the best amount of exposure.
  • The entire fleet works for you. Illuminated tops ensure that you can saturate a market.
  • 18-24 hours per day, seven days a week, all month long.


The Facts about Taxi Advertising

  • The Boston DMA ranks 7th in the U.S., an essential market for any regional or national buy.
  • Taxis deliver a high level of reach and frequency by traveling an average of 2,000 miles per week.
  • Boston Taxi Media allows advertisers to divide Metro Boston into nineteen different zones; allowing clients the ability to purchase general market showings or target specific zones for effective media buys.
  • Taxis provide coverage in the most elusive areas for out of home buyers including the following:
    • Downtown
    • Beacon Hill
    • Harvard
    • Newbury Street
    • Fenway Park
    • MIT
    • Financial District
    • Back Bay
    • Worcester
    • Freedom Trail
    • Quincy Market
    • Logan International Airport

Media Options

Taxi Media Products include

  • 2 Sided Tops
  • Trunks
  • Digital Smart Tops
  • Custom 3D Tops
  • Sampling
  • Branded Receipts
  • Specialty Taxi Wrap
  • In-Taxi Video

Bus Advertising

Buses go where people go and can always find a crowd. Whether it’s an entire bus wrap, an exterior side or an interior display, your company will grab attention with a truly moving message. Advertising placed on the exterior of bus is a circulating billboard. Your advertisement will be seen by thousands of pedestrians and drivers as the bus moves continually around the market displaying your message to the masses. Buses provide targeted routes as they slowly cruise city streets.


The Advantages of Bus Advertising

  • Bus routes typically include stops at shopping malls, major retail centers, medical facilities, recreation areas, train stations and airports.
  • Buses often deliver advertisements into more rural areas that may zone out traditional billboards.
  • Buses deliver your message throughout the day, including peak rush hour periods when traffic volume is at its highest.
  • Large format displays posted on the street side, curb side and back reach both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.


The Facts about Bus Advertising

  • Because buses are mobile, locations are determined by prescheduled bus routes.
  • Ads are produced on digitally or screen printed transit vinyl and are available in four week periods to long term programs.

Media Options

Advertising Media Options

Exteriors: Interiors:
Kings Michelangelos
Queens 22” x 21” Interior Car Cards
Headlights 11” x 28” Interior Car Cards
Fullbacks and Fullwraps

Below are some examples of Boston Taxi Top and Bus Ads

  • Bus King Ad

  • Bus Queen Ad

  • Bus Shelter Ad

  • Smart Top Ads

  • Taxi Top Ads

  • Trunk Ad

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